My name is Leandro Jorge and currently live in Brazil,
I am 3d character artist.

> Skills:
- High-Poly and Low-poly;
- Organic and hard-surface modeling;
- Anatomy for humans, creatures and animals;

> Skills by Software:
- 3D Modeling and Low-poly: Maya and 3DSMax;
- Digital Sculpting: Zbrush;
- Re-topology: Maya and TopoGun;
- UV Mapping: Maya and Zbrush;
- Baking textures: xNormal, Substance Painter, Maya and Zbrush;
- Texturing: 3D-Coat, Substance Painter and Photoshop;
- Composition and Post-production images: Photoshop;
- Real-time Engines: Unreal engine, Marmoset Toolbag and Sketchfab;
- Graphic Design: Photoshop and Illustrator.

> Additional Skills:
- Concept and Illustration.
- Graphic design projects.
- 2D arts, Photoshopand Illustrator.

> Contact:
- leandrojsj@gmail.com
- My portfolio in Artstation: artstation.com/artist/leandrojsj - Link to my Resume/CV: linkedin

Thanks for visiting my portfolio.